2024 3rd International Symposium on Sensor Technology and Control (ISSTC 2024)
Welcome Assoc. Prof. Xiaolin Gong,Beihang University to be the TPC!

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Assoc. Prof. Xiaolin Gong,Beihang University,China


Engaged in scientific research and teaching of inertial based integrated navigation technology for a long time. Led more than ten projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and participated in more than ten key projects such as the "973" and "863" national programs. Innovative research results have been achieved in high-precision integrated estimation and transfer alignment of airborne inertial/satellite integrated systems, and high-precision offline integrated processing software has been developed and applied to multiple types of airborne remote sensing systems. Published over 30 SCI/EI indexed papers (SCI 20), co-published 1 textbook, and 3 Chinese/English monographs; authorized more than 20 national invention patents; received one first prize for ministerial level technological invention, one first prize for scientific and technological progress from the Chinese Society for Measurement, and was approved for the Remote Sensing Youth Science and Technology Talent Innovation Funding Program, as well as the Beihang Youth Top Talent Support Program.

长期从事惯性基组合导航技术的科研和教学工作。主持国家自然基金等十余项项目,参与国家“973”、“863”重点项目等十余项。在机载惯性/卫星组合系统高精度组合估计与传递对准方面取得创新性研究成果,研制成功高精度离线组合数据处理软件,应用于多类航空遥感系统。发表SCI/EI收录论文30余篇(SCI 20),合作出版教材1部、中/英文专著3部;授权国家发明专利20余项;获部级技术发明一等奖1项、中国计量测试学会科技进步一等奖1项、遥感青年科技人才创新资助计划、北航青年拔尖人才支持计划等。